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SkyCycle is a rooftop, beat-based cycling studio that cultivates connecting movement with music. We believe in exercising the mind. Prepare for a unique experience immersed in an inspiring, inclusive, and upbeat environment. We encourage, accommodate, and challenge all fitness levels. We provide varietal styles of music and cycling led by a curated, powerful team of instructors. The charming rooftop atmosphere and inclusive community creates a stimulating and euphoric experience. Come for the class, return for the feeling.


SKY BEAT is our signature 45-minute cycling class emphasizing rhythm-based choreography, high intensity intervals and upper body strength training to create a dynamic, full-body workout!

Let's Ride

Restrooms / Showers

We share our restroom facilities with Y2 Yoga Studio.  Next to our water and ice station, we have restrooms with showers. 

Cancellation Policy

We do our best to cancel 12 hours before class time in inclement weather. Please, return us the favor, and cancel 12 hours before class time or you will be charged a late fee of $12. Call if there are any issues.

Spin Shoes 

SkyCycle has spin shoes of all sizes, for no fee! Have your own shoes? Brin 'em, we have universal clips! ​

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