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Welcome to SkyCycle

Charlotte, North Carolina's open-air cycling studio!


Welcome to SkyCycle, Charlotte's only premier rooftop cycling studio! We welcome riders of all levels with open arms.  Whether you are newly embarking on your fitness journey, or exercise is part of your regular routine, SkyCycle will  accommodate and challenge you. Enjoy all the prime elements of an indoor studio, in the great outdoors! SkyCycle provides all preferred methods of cycling led by some of the best instructors in the Southeast. The schedule offers a perfect blend of performance and rhythmic, beat-based riding methods. The charming rooftop vibes are infectious. Here you will immediately immerse in an inclusive, supportive community and atmosphere. We have everything you need for success: cycling shoes, towels,  H2O, restrooms and showers. All you're responsible for is a water bottle and a ready-to-sweat mentality. SkyCycle is located in the heart of Dilworth on top of Inizio Pizza. We are neighbors with the neighborhood legends, Y2 Yoga, Green Brothers, and Not Just Coffee. Come for the class, and stay for the community! 

More Information

Cancellation Policy

We ride through light rain, but in the circumstance of harsh weather, we try to cancel 12 hours before class. Please, return us the favor: cancel 12 hours before class time, otherwise, you will be charged a late cancellation fee.

Spin Shoes 

SkyCycle has spin shoes of all sizes,

for no fee! Have your own? We have universal clips! 

Restrooms / Showers

We share our restrooms with Y2 Yoga Studio.

If you are planning to shower, bring a towel. The towels we provide are only big enough for your sweat session!


Addie Sparks

"I have been riding with skycycle for a little over a year and it’s the first exercise routine I have truly committed to in a long time. Not only is it more relaxing to be outside vs in a dark studio, but is almost therapeutic. There are also a wide variety of instructors with different teaching / riding styles so you can ride with those that match your preferences."

Paulina Silcox

"Convinced this facility has the best location in Charlotte. From rooftop views , to skilled and challenging instructors I always leave my workout better than when I walked in. A good friend of mine encouraged me to tag along with her for a class a couple months ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. If you’re thinking about trying a class, do it!"

Melissa McDonald

"This is a great outdoor cycling experience that challenges the rider with different class formats focused on building strength and speed and overall cardio strength. The teachers are very good and focused on the class while teaching and offering encouragement. Having ridden in 32 degree weather as well as 85 degree weather, the experience is always very good!!!"

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